Lee's School of Judo, Karate & Hapkido

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Kids and Family


Testimonials from Parents 

“It’s wonderful. My kids learn discipline, build strength and flexibility, and have developed a terrific sense of achievement. My husband began coming to this school four years ago, and now my two children are part of the fun too.” — Marty C.

 “Master Lee is just incredible with the kids. They all love him, and I love that all different belt levels are mixed into all the classes. That means all three of my children are in one class together, and that the kids all learn confidence from teaching one another. And where else on earth can you pick from 11 classes, go to any one of them at any time, and switch back and forth if you want to? — Suzanne Z.


 “Because Master Lee teaches just about all the classes himself, he has been a constant presence in my kids’ lives for the past five years. He is like another parent figure and is literally helping me raise my children. He is a patient adviser, wise, kind and caring.” — Catherine B.