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Kids and Family


Kids and Family at Lee’s School

 Every martial arts school has a “personality,” but we feel ours is unique. It is the emphasis that Grand Master Lee and all his students put on family.

 Many schools in this area teach kicking and punching very well, but no other operates as a family in all the rich dimensions that implies. Truly, “We are Family.” The students at the school see one another as brothers and sisters in a long extended family, and we all care deeply about the members. As is true of any family, we put considerable emphasis on our children and youth. We are disciplined, yet also nurturing and caring. Grand Master Lee looks at each child to understand his or her unique needs, and then teaches to meet those unique needs within the environment of this family.

 It is evident that Grand Master Lee has a special gift with children, but he also extends this gift to his adult students, many of whom have been with Grand Master Lee for more than 20 years—a testament to the cohesion of this family unit. In addition, many of his adult students have their children in the school as well, and in several cases, entire families—mom, dad and the kids—are active members. We even have one family that includes mom, dad, the kids, and grandma.

Master Lee has set forth a guiding principle that “soft power overcomes hard power.” (See The Master’s Statement.) In a physical/karate sense, this means being relaxed and calm gives a person the advantage of speed, agility and alertness over opponents who rely only on power and muscle. In life, soft power over hard power harkens to a way of being and interacting with others. We are compassionate and open hearted, we listen, think, feel—and then act; we are not rash. This is critical, because—again thinking about the children—we are not making bullies; we are creating confident, compassionate, thinking people who make decisions from rational points of view. They know who they are, they know what they know, and they have the confidence to be caring, to not lash out and inappropriately utilize the great martial arts skills they are learning.

 So at this point it is logical for you to ask, “What can I expect if my son or daughter joins Lee’s School?” You can expect your child to have

 ·       An increase in self esteem

·       An enhanced sense of self-respect and respect for others

·       More self-disciplined

·       An increase in physical coordination and an increased mental ability to focus on the task at hand

·       Less (not more!) aggressiveness

·       Your child having fun

·       Finally, don’t be surprised if you the parent decide to join the school as well; it has happened a lot.

 The children and young adults in Lee’s School are in various emotional and academic places. We have top-ranked scholars and we have students who struggle academically. The point is that everyone grows in at Lee’s School because everyone is measured against his or her own progress, not against others. We have athletes who just want to work on their coordination and discipline and fine-tune their skills. We have couch potatoes or gamers whose parents want to get them off the couch. We have kids who are fascinated by idea of karate who develop their physical, mental and emotional skills almost without realizing it. Our academic scholars come because they understand the need for this particular type of discipline to development of their whole self. (The 2006 Valedictorian from Darien High School, for example, is a Lee’s School student.)

 All of our students eventually begin instructing others. It is part of the learning and maturation process, and part of how we become better martial artists and more empathetic about people. It is the way the martial arts have been taught for hundreds of years.

 Quite simply, your child will be welcomed into the family at Lee’s School and will grow there.